Chemical/Bio Transformations of Aroma Molecules

The value of the some of the aroma molecules can be enhanced by chemical or biological transformations and/or derivatization. It is proposed that the technologies for the transformation of the following aroma molecules through biological or chemical means would be developed for achieving higher values of the chemicals and it is expected to obtain new bioactive molecules, which can be explored for the development of high value products in the second phase of the mission.
  • Institute-Wise Plan of Derivitizations

    S.No. Aroma Molecule Institutes Involved Transformed Molecule
    1. Methyl chavicol ex basil CSIR - CIMAP Anethole
    2. Eugenol CSIR - CIMAP Vanillin
    3. Pulegone CSIR - CIMAP Menthofuran Thymol
    4. Citral CSIR - CIMAP, CSIR - IIIM Beta ionone, Methyl ionone Gamma, Geraniol, Nerol
    5. Patchouli alcohol CSIR - IHBT, CSIR - NEIST Value added new products 10-hydroxypatchoulol
    6. Ocimene and hydrotagetone CSIR - IHBT Diene and lactone