Products Proposed Under Mission

The essential oil and aroma molecules obtained from the aromatic crops in the Aroma Mission would also be utilized for formulation of products like insect repellents especially for mosquitoes and stored grains pests, hair oils, toothpaste, skin gel, face cream etc. This will help in enhancing the demand of essential oil and its market for value added products. This will also give an opportunity for developing entrepreneurship among the unemployed youth as start-ups. Initial hand holding in the form of technical guidance, trainings and providing infrastructural facilities like incubator facility for an initial push to the entrepreneur to establish the products in the market will also be provided.
  • The following products are being proposed under the mission programme :

    S.No. Product Institute Based on essential oil/oils
    1. Mosquito repellent wet tissue CSIR - CIMAP Citronella and Pyrethrum
    2. Value added Ant-ageing and cognitive enhancer formulation. CSIR - CIMAP Ocimum & Moringa
    3. Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving topical formulation CSIR - CIMAP Euginol rich Ocimum, palmarosa, citronella, lemongrass
    4. Immunomodulatory drinks CSIR - CIMAP Vetiver, Rose, Mint, Lemongrass
    5. Oral hygiene product CSIR - CIMAP Euginol rich Ocimum, Mint, Lemongrass, aroma molecules
    6. Nano-composite based indoor air purifier CSIR - CIMAP Ocimum, Lemongrass, aroma molecules
    7. Herbal Vegetable and fruit wash CSIR - CIMAP Aroma based compounds
    8. Natural blends for aromatherapy, spa, bath oil, etc. CSIR - CIMAP, CSIR - IHBT, CSIR - IIIM, CSIR - NEIST Various essential oils and aroma-chemicals
    9. Herbal anti-fungal formulation CSIR - NBRI, CSIR - CIMAP, CSIR - NEIST Aroma-based compound
    10. Non alcoholic hand sanitizer CSIR - NBRI Various essential oils and aroma-chemicals
    11. Insecticidal formulations CSIR - IHBT Various essential oils and aroma-chemicals