300 Quintals of Mentha Suckers Distributed during Kisan Mela 2019

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CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants distributed 300 quintals of Mentha suckers to the mentha growers during the Kisan Mela organized at its Lucknow campus on 31st January 2019, which was attended by about 7000 farmers and entrepreneurs from different parts of the country. According to the experts, the total yield of this planting material itself would generate a gross return of about 15 crores in a span of 3 months. Also, three improved varieties of Basil, CIM-AKSHAY, CIM-SUVAS and CIM-SUKHDA, and one lemongrass variety, CIM-ATAL, developed by the scientists of CSIR-CIMAP were released.


Prof. Anil Kumar Tripathi, Director, CSIR-CIMAP, in his address briefed about the farmer-centric activities undertaken by CSIR-CIMAP in various parts of the country under CSIR Aroma Mission.


Dr. Mangla Roy, former Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) was the Chief Guest of the Kisan Mela 2019. He inaugurated the CSIR pavilion during the occasion and also addressed the Kisan Mela in which a large number of farmers, scientists and representatives from non-government organizations and industries were present. During his address to the farmers, he stressed that high-quality seeds, saplings and planting material needs to be distributed among the farmers for enhancing their income. He also emphasized that Self Help Groups (SHGs) of the farmers would help in the development of clusters for diversification of agricultural activities by the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic crops in the country. He opined that farmers now need to focus on the value-addition of medicinal and aromatic crops to double their farm income.


Features of the Released Varieties:– 


CIM-AKSHAY: It gives herb yield of 500-550 q/ha and essential oil yield 200-220 kg/ha along with high thymol content (45-50%).

CIM-SUVAS: Chavibetol rich variety and alternate for betel oil

CIM-SUKHDA: It has high Linalool (75-80%) content with high herb yield of 225-230 kg/ha and oil yield of 100-105 kg/ha, 

CIM-ATAL: It gives high herb yield of 250-300 q/ha/y and oil yield of 300-325 kg/ha/y coupled with high Geraniol content. 

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