Distillation Units

Essential oils are main economic produce from the aromatic crops and are extracted by distillation. To instill a sense of confidence among the farmers cultivating aromatic crops, distillation units (1 tonne capacity or less) are being installed in the clusters of villages across the county for an approximate area of around 20 hectares under cultivation in the Aroma Mission program.

To fulfill the demand of distillation in the 5500 hectares to be brought under aromatic crops cultivation, it is estimated that about 250-300 units would be required. The essential oil extracted using these distillation units, would help the farming community in the country to earn a minimum profit of Rs. 50 crores per annum (@ Rs 1 lakh per ha/annum). The institute-wise details of the proposed distillation units are as given below,


Institute-wise Details of Proposed Distillation Units
120 125 54 13 40 325