National Laboratories of CSIR (CIMAP, IHBT, IIIM, IITR, NEIST & NBRI), located in different agro-climatic zones of the country, have demonstrated their ability and expertise in promoting cultivation, processing and value addition of several aromatic plants. These institutes have generated a wealth of useful data and experimental leads on high-yielding, early maturing varieties having low-input costs, developed agro-technologies and conducted various outreach/awareness programmes and skill development. These institutes focus on the creation of opportunities for income generation and employment for rural masses through cultivation, processing and marketing of industrially important aromatic crops. CSIRs proficiency in amalgamating entrepreneurs with novel technologies and scientific know-how provides a common platform for Farmer-Scientist-Industry interaction as a powerful engine to drive economic growth.


CSIR Aroma Mission aims to: 

  • Making India a hub of opportunities in the domain of aroma products by developing and disseminating aroma-related S & T to reach end users/clients of CSIR; farmers, industry and society, leading to the creation of business opportunities, rural development and life-quality improvement. All this will be implemented without causing harm to the environment 


  • Attain self-sufficiency in the production of a majority of essential oils used by domestic aroma industry and reduce foreign exchange drain due to imports.


  • Help in transforming India’s image from the producer of raw material to an exporter of finished, value-added products of consistent quality and efficacy